NomadApe World

This is the world we are creating. Through music and through animation video, we will bring these characters to life. And then they will create the music with us! If the beat stops, the world stops. Everyone knows that’s how it works, but nobody knows why. Aisha, Jo the Ape, forest spirits, and the mysterious monkeys will meet in your dreams.

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Free Songs

Music be good, music be sharing! In this section we will give you some music you can download for free. Right now we’re having fun playing music and recording, but you can already check out our music videos and covers on the NomadApe YouTube channel.

Click here to download the musical meditation session we recorded, with harp, didgeridoo, quena flute, gong, and handpan.


And click here to download my little ukulele songs. I recorded them to use in my YouTube videos.

note: You’re free to use them in your own videos if you want, but if you do please just put a link to this website in the description and say the song comes from here.

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Learn Music

Here is some material you can download for free to help you learn and play music.

The chord chart gives you all the main chords which fit together nicely, on ukulele, guitalele, guitar, or other instruments. It can help you find the chords to a song you hear, or explore sounds to create your own songs! (more info in the full printable version)

Chord Chart – printable card

Most of you are spread out everywhere in the world, but if you live in Switzerland, or if you come by, you can contact me if you want to do lessons: Ukulele, Guitalele, Didgeridoo, Percussion and Djembe

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Here are a few songs on the ukulele, with chords so you can learn them:


$ Cash $

A project like this takes a lot of time, and equipment for the music and for the animation film. You can help us by donating here.

(even a few $/€/CHF can help!)

Share and Subscribe

A simple way you can help the NomadApe project is by sharing it on Facebook:

If you want to be notified when we post new music and videos to YouTube, you can simply subscribe to the NomadApe YouTube channel (it’s free ^^). You can also press on “Like” under the videos.


Yes this is also a great way you can help us! You can submit some art inspired by the characters, by the dream world, or using the NomadApe logo, and submit it to our shared gallery on Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook you can post it here or send it to us by email. We’ll be happy to see your creations!

Oh and if you want to send us art or handmade objects or anything else, here’s the address: Jonas Viatte, Chemin des Perce-Neige 4, 1264 St-Cergue, Switzerland

About us

We’re musicians and artists living in Switzerland (for now). What’s great with this project is it’s nomadic in its heart! New people can come, people can leave, and always the music continues! At the core of the group, we’re only a small pack of artists, but in a way everyone is part of the project! You can submit artwork in our shared gallery, or ideas or anything else, to help create this world! Dreams are mysterious, but they are a thing we share with everybody from any culture, with our tribal ancestors, and even with other animals. We are joined at the roots, on our quest to search within ourselves, to let dreams turn to creations. And like it or not, we are all apes! 🙂

NomadApe Facebook
Drawings and animation by Elodie Le Ricochet
(See website or Facebook)
Music, website, logo by Jo the Ape
(Contact me if you want a website like this one)

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